Best Electric Bike in 2020

Find the best electric bikes for your need. Top rated electric bicycle is the perfect choice to upgrade your travel to next level of comfort. The safety tips for bicycling are also part of ebike guide. Cyclists rejoice with countless pros of cycling that reflects positive impact of bicycling on health. The biggest benefit is reducing harmful effects of air pollution by using battery powered engines.

A regular bicycle having a battery and motor is what we call an e-bike. So it’s a complete travel source to explore new places. It’s possible even for a biker when using gps on bicycle anytime anywhere. There is little difference between mountain bikes and ebikes. It depends upon the biker to choose according to need. Carry the helmet for safety before you plan outdoor activities, hiking or a regular ride. Check out all the available e-bikes that include the top rated collection.

Here is our list of the Best Electric Bikes:

Are you need to the bike tours or have experienced the thrill before? Do you ever think about why we travel? Why we human beings prefer to be in society rather than being alone? Sometimes we want to be alone, but just for a little period. No one ever wants to be alone forever. Enough with the chit chat, let us define what exactly an electric bicycle is.

The Best Electric Bicycle

Engwe 6-Speed EP2 Fat Tire Electric Bike

engwe ebike

ENGWE is the top companion to visit faraway places. It has 350W brushless gear motor and 48V8Ah lithium-ion battery. It has a maximum speed of 18MPH with 20miles of range. The aluminum alloy frame results in a durable yet light weighted bike. It has dual brakes. Both front and back brake in combine increases your safety. Its three riding modes help you to ride according to mood and battery condition.

Whether it’s uneven or straight roads, you can ride smooth because of the front suspension. Just in six hours charge the battery and move around the town.For safety, it provides you with a burglar alarm, font headlight, and horn. This stylish white bike also has an LED display to show speed and other details. With anti-rust and anti-exposure properties, what else you expect is such an affordable price?

  • Its collapsible frame makes it easy to store in your car.
  • Overall body has anti-rust property.
  • It also has a burglar alarm for extra security.

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Fiido 16″ Folding Electric Bicycle

fiido electric bicycle

If you want a sophisticated yet affordable e-bike, then here you are. Fildo electric bicycle can collapse to such a small size. It is contrasted with durable aluminum alloy material. With a tiny weight of 43lbs, it can accommodate up to 264lbs. You can cover a maximum distance of 35km with a max speed of 25km/h. The 36V7.8Ah li-ion battery just takes 4 to 5 hours to charge. It can support IP54 and IP65 waterproof for the frame and LED display.

You can adjust your seat, handlebar as per desire. It has rear springs that are responsible to absorb shocks to give you a stable and comfortable ride. For a safer night ride, the front headlight is there to assist you. Its blackish-grey color makes it more appealing. For portable and innovative smart riding in economical price, it is the best option.

  • It has a waterproof frame and an adjustable seat.
  • This e-bike has an economical price with all advance features.
  • It has a mobile holder with charging port.

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Eahora XC100 Plus ebike

eahora xc100 ebike

Are you crazy about a high-speed electric bicycle? Do you want to visit faraway places with a single charge? Eahora XC100 is the answer to all your prayers. It is an ideal electric bike for commuting and outdoor journey. A powerful motor of 350watts with a long-lasting battery of 48V is equipped in it. You can even reach 60 to 80 miles. It also has a breathtaking speed of 28mph.

It provides a strong braking force to ensure your safety. It comes about 80% pre-assembles. Every part of this electric bicycle is rigorously tested for effective quality. This is a waterproof, anti-dust and anti-theft e-bike. It has a sophisticated design and eye-catchy color combination. It is a perfect choice for energetic riders.

  • It can provide a phenomenal traveling distance of 60 to 80 miles.
  • Enjoy a splendid speed of 28mph with this fastest e-bike.
  • This electric bike has 7 Shimano speed gears.
  • An intelligent, waterproof and password protected LCD is housed in it.

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NCM Moscow


For the lovers of mountain riding, we present NCM Moscow electric mountain bike. It is specially designed to tackle all types of territory. It has a powerful 21 gear motor and a long-lasting battery life. You will never miss any important call, as it has a built-in USB port for charging mobile. The LCD gives easy access to six pedal levels and displays all essential info at a glance. It also features a mechanical disc brake system for both front and rear wheels.

Every bike is functionally tested to ensure a high-quality standard. The aluminum material used in the construction is light in weight and water resistance. The matte white the blue color combination is irresistible to purchase. With the speed of 25km/h, now get ready to enjoy your mountain ride up to 120km. This e-bike by NCM Moscow ensures style, reliability, comfort, and safety

  • With this electric bike, you can even travel 120km.
  • This is the most stylish and an attractive bike.
  • It has a sporty handlebar and a comfy sitting posture.

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Nakto 26″ Adult Electric Bike

nakto electric bicycle

Do you want an exhilarating ride? Then get this Nakto electric bike. This unisex e-bike has a strong carbon steel body. It is equipped with a smart battery and a 300W brushless motor. With the combination of both battery and motor, you can travel up to 25 miles. The maximum cruising speed for this electric cycle is 20 miles per hour. The cushy saddle has spring underneath for extra comfort. You can carry your little one on the rear rack. The six gears perfectly match your desired speed requirements.

Turn on the pedal-assist mode just with the touch of a toggle button located on the handle. Carry your mobile, charger or other essentials in the front adorable basket. It is pretty affordable at the price point. Its fancy features will surely spark your interest. As a female, it’s the best choice that stands out to you

  • An adorable front basket is available with this e-bike.
  • It has a powerful hybrid brakes system.
  • It is a great electric bike regarding its price and features.

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DJ City Electric Assist Bike

dj city

With knee and back pain, it’s too painful to get on the bicycle. DJ city bike constructed a step-thru electric bike for its rider’s ease. It has a quiet 750W motor and a 48V 13Ah battery. Its assembly is just like a piece of cake. The battery has folding keys. The front and tail headlight will protect you in the dark. It offers the top speed of 20mph and riding rage from 25 to 37 miles.

It also features aluminum fork with suspension, Tektro disc brake, Shimano 7 gears and much more. Though it’s a direct order company, it has fabulous customer service. Its sparkling pearly white color with all fancy features are so appealing. So get tons of fun with DJ city bike and cruise around the town

  • Its assembly is smooth and super-fast.
  • The handlebar is easy to reach and change direction.
  • This proudly Canadian brand has excellent safety standards.

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Cyclamatic GTE Pro

cyclamatic gte ebike

If you need an electric cycle for going near places, then this e-bike is best for the daily commute. Cyclamatic GTE Pro electric bicycle has a step-through design. This design offers outstanding ease for elders and people having back and knee pain. This electric bike offers a huge millage of 30 to 35 miles with a top speed of 15mph. It also features 250W motor and 26V 10.4Ah battery with five pedal-assist levels.

Its leading components like Shimano gears and suspension fork offer a comfy ride. This unisex e-bike can be used by riders of different age and height of 5.4” to 6.2”. It has a long stylish body in black color. With a lot of accessories, this electric bicycle is just for you.

  • It is delivered approximately all assembled.
  • It has easy to sit step-through design.
  • It is manufactured for numerous people of different heights and ages.

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Hotebike 21 Speed Electric Bicycle


If you are looking for an outstanding mountain bike loaded with positive reviews, then this is your destiny. This mountain e-bike by Hote-bike has all satisfied customers. Due to its numerous qualities, it wins the hearts of all customers. With the full charge 36V 10Ah battery, you can get a long-range of 30 to 50 miles.

Its 36V 350W brushless motor bestows you with the highest speed of 20 miles per hour. Its unique battery is hidden in the frame, provides stress-free rides in the rain. Whatever type of terrain comes in the way, the 21-speed gears make every ride like a breeze. The advanced LCD gives you an opportunity to keep an eye on every single detail. With all the fancy features, this e-bike is preferable for every rider.

  • It has a USB port for charging mobile.
  • It is extremely light in weight.
  • It has a waterproof hidden battery.

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Swagtron Swagcycle Pro Electric Bicycle

swagtron swagcycle

Do you have riding skills on your sleeve but still you aren’t able to cherish yourself with a ride? Do not make your budget as a stumbling block in your way to a great ride. Because we bring you Swagtron economical folding e-bike. This SwagCycle Pro is pedal-free. That means it is a battery-powered cycle and the throttle does all the work. With the 12-degree incline angle, you can get a top speed of 18mph. You can cover a maximum trip distance of 15 miles.

Track your speed, distance, battery life and more by connecting with the app. No need to carry bulky charging cables. This e-bike lets you store them in the charging compartment. Travel in style with this blackish motorized bicycle.

  • It has a built-in USB charging port for mobile charging.
  • You can know every riding details by connecting it with the app.
  • It has the lowest cost as compare to its competitors.

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MZZK Electric Mountain Bike

mzzk ebike

For the fans of speedy electric bikes, we present MZZK electric bicycle. With the top speed of 25mph, you can experience the incredible power beneath your feet. It has a 500W brushless motor and a 48V battery. With the help of pedal-assist mode, you can get an outstanding range of 70miles. With its sturdy tires, you can glide around the town. The supper cool LCD is there to display all essential details about your ride.

It also has dual Disc brakes, seven-speed derailleur, front fork, and other attractive features. Its well-made wheels allow you to ride faraway places and difficult trails. Its fashionable design grasps the crowd’s attention. Its black and orange color scheme is so appealing. Though it’s a little expensive but it worth the price.

  • It has a maximum riding speed of 25mph.
  • With a pedal-assist mode, you can get a mileage of 75 miles.
  • It has a powerful motor and a long-lasting battery.
  • It is perfect for riders having a height of 6 feet and above 6 feet.

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What is an Electric Bicycle?

The motor is located in the front-wheel, rear-wheel, or in the mid-drive unit. The more powerful the motor is, the faster you can troll. The battery is usually removable. The battery is located under the seat or anywhere else on the frame. The high voltage battery offers long mileage. There are basically two modes of riding. These are throttle and pedal assist. If you want to go faster without any pedal assist, you can ride on the throttle. Ride on e-bike to go to camping with family or a trip with friend.

What is Difference Between Electric Bicycle & Manual Bicycle

From tricycles to an airplane, there are various means of traveling. Each and every medium has its own pros and cons. These mediums are invented for our convenience. An airplane is considered as the most luxurious and expensive riding. The car comes after the airplane. This means of transport is also comfortable and expensive. Motorbikes and bicycles are the most affordable ones. Whether you drive a car or a cycle, riding has its own fun. Riding gives us the freedom to visit the desired places with speed.

On the other hand, pedal-assist mode activated when you pedal. Hence, with your little effort and more power of the motor, you can ride faster. ebikes have an LCD panel. This display screen lets you know about all the vital facts about your ride. Like speed, distance, battery level, motor power, and other small details. The adjustable seat and handlebar make your ride more comfortable. Regardless of your age, an electric bike gives you the freedom to enjoy an enchanting ride to preferred places.

Buying Tips To Choose the Best Electric Bicycle

Let’s discuss some of the prominent features of an electric bicycle to determine the best ebike.

Body and Frame

Most of the e-bikes are made from aluminum alloy. This material results in a strong yet light-weighted frame. Some of the parts like mudguards, pedals, and handlebar are made from other materials like rubber and plastic.

Folding Mechanism

Not all electric bikes are foldable. But the majority of them have this property. All of them have a different folding mechanism. Few have foldable handlebar, removable tires, etc. Others have a foldable stem.

Electric Motor

From cheap to expensive electric bikes, motor power increases. A motor of 250W is housed in cheap e-bikes. An affordable electric bike has a motor of 350W. Whereas 500W and 750W motors are classified as a superior one. The motor is located in the front-wheel, rear-wheel or the hub shell.

Chargable Battery

From 36V to 48V batteries are equipped in various e-bikes. The small voltage represents the small distance range as compare to the big voltage. A battery takes 4 to 6 hours to charge.

Pedal-assist Levels

This feature helps riders to manage their energy with motor power. The number of pedal levels varies from e-bike to e-bike. Pedal-assist mode helps in saving the battery by utilizing paddling to run the e-bike.


The braking system is a vital feature of electric bikes. Cheap electric bicycles have a single brake. Reputed electric bikes have double disc brakes. Some also have a Hybrid braking system.

Top Speed

The more the motor power the more will be the speed. Each electric bicycle has a different speed limit. Roundabout 15mph to 28mph maximum riding speed is offered by different ebikes.

Mileage and Range

The maximum range is determined by the battery level. A battery with high voltage will provide more traveling distance than a battery with low voltage. About 20mile to 80 miles mileage is offered by different e-bikes.


Not every electric bike has gears. Different gears have different speeds. This variety of speed helps in going through different terrority. Pedal-assist mode works the same as gears, less or more.

Digital Display Panel

This feature helps the rider to keep on eye of all vital information regarding the ride. The LCD shows current speed, mileage, pedal assist level, time, battery level, and other options.

Load Carrying Capacity

E-bikes can bear weight from 220 pounds to 300 pounds. The recommended weight comprises the weight of the passenger including luggage weight. To get maximum speed and mileage, you must have to follow the recommended weight.


Accessories like headlight and horn come with every electric bicycle. Some of them also offer a basket and back carrier for luggage.

Electric Bike Guide For Buyers

Walking around is surely beneficial for health. But walking to faraway places is tiring especially if you are over 40. An electric bicycle will let you go wherever you want. Whether you a student, a mother, or even a grandmother, regarding your age you can ride it. If you know how to cycle, then you are certified to ride an electric bike. Now it’s time to bestow our beloved readers with precious buying tips. So that they can become passionate riders.


Budget is the most important aspect to consider before you actually made a purchase. If you have a budget of $1000 or above, you can get any desirable exorbitant e-bike. Even a low budget like $400 is also appreciable. You can afford an electric bicycle with all primary functionalities.

Collapsible Body

If you are a rider who loves to ride on far away mountains, then consider this feature. Buy a collapsible ebike that can fit well in your car’s trunk. This type is also easy to store in narrow spaces.

Motor Power

A speedy rider wants nothing more than the speed. Speed depends upon motor power. So purchase a motor of at least 500W, if you want to enjoy a high-speed ride. You can also select an e-bike with 700W motor and above to experience the remarkable power beneath your feet.

Battery Capacity

Whether you wish for speedy or long-lasting riders, one thing you must need is a long-term battery. If you just want a commuting electric bicycle, a 36V battery will work. But for faraway places buy an e-bike with a battery of 48V.

Frame and Design

As it’s well said that do not judge a book by its cover. But it’s also important to attract customers by the cover. Though the design is the main component, all the other bits and pieces must be qualified to win your heart. For elders and riders having knee and back pain, we recommend a step-through e-bike. For the rest, buy whatever attracts you the most.

Speed Limit

Youth has its own voyages. They love riders full of ecstatic joy. For the epic speed like 28mph, go for an e-bike having a motor of 500W or above. But if you are not fascinated with speed, an electric bicycle having speed 15mph will also work for you.


Among all essential aspects, the distance range is a vital one. The distance range depends upon battery power. The more the battery power, the long ride you can enjoy. A 48V battery will ensure you an astonishing 80m of mileage.

Adjustable Seat

If a seat doesn’t match your posture, all the money you had spent is in veins. Always pick an electric bicycle having adjustable seat. So that you can change the height according to mood and need.

Adjustable Handlebar

An adjustable handlebar is profitable too. Though it’s not crucial, but it’s a necessary feature to consider for the best posture. If you have the best riding posture, you will enjoy city adventures.

Height and Weight Limit

It is the most important feature to look for before you buy an e-bike. Weight below the given range helps in gaining more speed. But if you are overweighed or short in height then in the future, you will face problems while riding.

Riding Modes

There are basically two types of riding systems. The first one is stress-free, you will reach the destination without seating. We are talking about full throttle, where you don’t need to do any pedaling. The second one is about pedal assistance levels. This system utilizes motor power along with your effort in paddling. Some of the e-bikes also having both of the above systems, but few only have one. So chose the e-bike’s riding system according to your preference.

Water Resistant Body

To enjoy a magnificent ride in the rain, you need a waterproof frame. As water can damage the motor, battery, and the frame too. So if you live in rainy areas choose an electric bicycle that has a waterproof frame.

Luggage Carrier

If you love shopping or frequently visit a market for groceries, you need a luggage carrier. Most of the e-bikes don’t have a rear carrier or a front basket. But few of them have a basket or a back carrier.

Pros Of ebikes

With your beloved e-bike, you can go wherever you want. To recall the youth’s memory, elders above 40 can ride it and once again enjoy cycling. An electric bicycle reduces your effort in paddling and utilizes the motor power. Below are some benefits of an electric bike:

  • Sweat-free Ride: Riding a bicycle makes you sweaty. A lot of effort in pedaling is exhausted. Save your energy by riding an electric bike and reach your destination fresh and sweat-free. It makes the motor work while you can tackle every path just like little or no pedaling.
  • Painless Travel: Riding an e-bike puts less pressure on your joints, knee, and back. Save your knee and joints and travel to desired places. You only have to do slowly pedaling, the rest will be done by the motor. So enjoy city adventures and long vocations with your favorite electric cycle.
  • Speedy Ride: As compared to an ordinary bicycle, an electric bike gives speedy rides. Now you can reach your destination more quickly. The electric motor ensures fast speed. Hover the throttle and experience the power beneath your feet.
  • Cost-effective: Buying an electric bicycle is much better than buying a car. It is affordable and does not need any fuel. You only need to charge the battery. Charging the battery does not require a lot of money. Maintenance also requires a little money. Therefore, an electric bike is the most affordable mean of transportation.
  • Exciting journey: Just with a little effort, you can go faraway places with speed. Go uphills or downhills and get amused with the exciting journey. You can ride through narrow places. The places where you can never reach with a car, are possible with it.
  • You can use an electric bike wherever you want. Tame the night or enjoy the day adventure with it. Go to your school or office with ease. Even if you want to go shopping, your e-bike will take you to the desired places. Visit your friends or family, with your electric bicycle nothing is impossible.
  • E-bike made mountain climbing just like a breeze. Enjoy your trips and visit every park to release your stress.
  • You can even ride this electric bicycle to narrow places without any trouble. Now ride on every terrain with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions About ebikes

How a step-through designed electric bicycle help its riders?

A step-through designed electric bike has the frame having a minimum height. This frame helps the rider to get on the bicycle without any difficulty. By this way, people with back or knee pain, and elder riders can easily get on the bike.

Do we need a license for riding an electric bicycle?

Electric bicycles have limited speed. They are very easy to control. Unfortunately, if you ever caught in an accident, no one will hurt because of you. That’s why you do not need a license for riding your electric bike.

Is it obligatory to wear a helmet while riding an electric bicycle?

No, it is not compulsory to wear a helmet when you ride your e-bike. Electric bicycles have limited speed. For a safe ride, it is recommended to wear a helmet along with other safety wearables.

Does continuous pedaling help in charging the battery?

Well, generally speaking, not all of the e-bikes have this technology. But we cannot say that this technology does not exist in electric bicycles. Some of the electric bikes have this system, which charges the battery when you do continuous pedaling.

Do we ride a bicycle without pedaling?

Yes, we can ride a bicycle without pedaling. A special bicycle called electric bicycle gives us the freedom to ride without pedaling. Actually, these electric bicycles have a motor and battery, which helps in riding them, without doing any pedaling.

What happens if the battery dies during riding an e-bike?

Unluckily, if your battery dies during a ride and you don’t have any electric supply, then don’t worry. As e-bikes still allow you to ride it with the help of pedals. So that you can reach your destination without any stress.

Is it safe to ride an e-bike in the rain?

Well, it varies from bicycle to bicycle. Some of them have a waterproof battery and motor. They do not restrict you to ride on sunny days. On the other hand, few don’t possess waterproof technology. Therefore, check the specification before you buy.

Is the gears system necessary in an ebike?

No, the gear system is not compulsory. Gears help in adjusting the speed concerning different terrains. Each gear has a different speed level. Having a gear system helps you while riding but it’s not mandatory.