Cyclamatic GTE Pro Electric Bike: Reviews & Price

For a senior citizen getting on and off on a bicycle is painful. Keeping the hardships of their people Cyclamatic has introduced a set-through designed e-bike. It is the prime choice for roadies suffering from joints, knee or back pain. This electric bicycle will accompany you to your office, visiting a friend, or cruising through the neighborhood. At such an economical price, it offers all the essential features required for commuting. Whether you are a male or a female rider, this e-bike suits both genders. Its black charming color with a step-through design and economic cost is worth buying.

You can cover a distance of 30 to 35 miles on this e-bike. Enjoy your ride at the top speed of 15mph. Keep in mind that the maximum riding speed and estimate range depends upon different factors. Factors such as motor power, battery level, and current pedal-assist mode. On full-throttle, you can get a maximum speed that will sparkle your desire for a speedy ride. On the other hand, riding on a full-throttle may drain your battery. Using only pedaling mode will increase your mileage, and save battery but you can’t get an inspiring speed.

Overview & Features

It comprises a 250W motor. This Punchy brushless hub motor is positioned in the front wheel. A 36V 10.4Ah battery is also set up in it. This battery is completely sealed. You can even get an enjoyable trip on a rainy day. With the help of quick release, you can charge the battery indoor. For a complete charge, the battery needs 4 to 6 hours. It also contains V brakes that are responsive to your safety. It includes five different electric modes. Each mode exhibits different motor power. The full-electric mode is useful when you have no desire for pedaling. The full pedal mode requires no motor power and saves your battery. The remaining modes have allows different motor power to be paired with manpower for a satisfactory ride.

It has an extendable saddle. You can extend the seat height from 34 inches to 36 inches. The padded seat of this electric bicycle will bestow you will a restful journey. Want to ride through muddy land without being dirty? No issues. This electric bicycle has two mudguards for both front and rear wheels. The e-bike also consists of some leading components like suspension fork and mechanical gears. Six-speed Shimano gears are there to share your energy burden while providing desire speed. The suspension fork is responsible for a smooth ride while filtering out the bumps. Its massive Kenda tires are capable to ride over all types of terrains.

Technical Specifications

The review covers below primary features of cyclamatic ebike that worth buying it.

Step-through Design

Cyclamatic GTE Pro has a light-weighted alloy frame. For old ridders, the step-through design is extremely easy to getting on and off. People having back and knee pain can also get advantage from this bike.

Electric Hub Motor

It has 250 watts punchy brushless motor. This electric hub motor is located in the front wheel. With the assistance of this motor, you can enjoy a ride of 20 to 30 miles.

Pedal-assist Levels

This blackish e-bike offers five different pedal assist levels. The assist levels are from 1 to 5. Each has individual assistance power. Pedal-assist “level 0” means no power assistance at all.

Charging Time

It has a 36V 10.4Ah battery. This energetic battery takes 4 to 6 hours to charge completely. The battery is completely sealed. Now you can even ride in the rain without any hesitation.

Padded Saddle

It offers a comfortable padded saddle. As this e-bike is manufactured for people having different heights, so it has an adjustable seat. The seat has a height range from 34 to 36 inches.

Unisex Bike

This electric bicycle is specially designed for riders of height 5.4” to 6.2”. Any male or female having a maximum weight of 242lbs and an average height can ride this e-bike.

Full Accessories

Besides all the fundamentals, this electric bike offers various accessories too. Accessories like a bell, front headlight, rear reflector, kickstand, and back carrier.

The Conclusion

This electric bike is easy on the pocket with all fancy features. Yet there are few faults regardless of many other qualities. At the same or less price, you can still have better options. A person from 5.4 inches to 6.2 inches is best suitable for this electric bicycle. It can bear a maximum of 110kg load. According to manufacturers, it is suitable for age 14 and above. It is manufactured from an aluminum alloy which is light in weight and strong in strength.

This e-bike also offers a back carrier. This carrier will allow you to put your luggage on it. Whether you troll during the day or tame at the night, the front headlight will lead you to the right way. Against any faults or problems, Cyclamatic offers 12 months of warranty to its valuable customers.