DJ City Electric Bike: Specs, Reviews & Price

This step-thru DJ city e-bike is a precious gift for you if you are suffering from back pain. Its special design lets rider mount and dismount without any pain. This e-bike ensures safety by surpassing all the US and Canada safety standards. All the vital parts meet safety standards. This direct order company offers remarkable customer service. It has a luminous white color with a charming appearance. This e-bike is for everyone. Whether it’s a casual rider, a commuter, a senior rider, or even a cycling fan. Get tons of fun while riding this electric bicycle.

A super-powerful 750Watts Bafang Brushless motor is housed in it along with a 48V 13Ah LG battery. This 48V DC rear-hub motor has 65 Nm torque to empower you for speedy rides. The battery can be locked and unlocked with the help of folding keys. These specially designed folding keys keep them secure from being lost. The charging time for the battery is about four to eight hours. It offers the highest speed of 20pmh. You can cover a maximum distance of 25 to 37 miles on a full charge. You can even get more mileage by spending your little bit energy on pedaling.


This electric bicycle offers five different pedal-assist levels. You can pick any pedal-assist level as per your mood. For a sweat-free ride, you can go for a pure electric level. To cope with both electric power and your energy, you are free to pick from three intermediate levels. For a warmup exercise, select the pure pedal-assist level. This e-bike has a unique throttle. The throttle can activate on 0 miles, which means it’s always alive. This unique feature lets you carry your electric bike upstairs without any trouble. This thumb throttle will be activated without any pedaling.

Considering the speed controlling system, it has Tektro Disc brakes. The Mozo suspension fork is responsible for filtering out the bumps and keep the ride smooth. The control panel situated on the handlebar notifies you about every single detail about your drive. Details like speed, estimate range, time, and battery level will be presented on King Meter J-LCD. For any battery issues, remove the saddle with quick release and take out the battery. The seat cushion is made from high-quality material. This sophisticated seat has a rubber cushion to absorb shock and bless you with a smooth riding experience. You can adjust the saddle height up to 5 inches to comfy travel.

Its Wellgo brand pedals make cycling effortless. The 26 inches city road tires of this electric bike are durable. It also contains sturdy alloy rims. These heavy-duty rims are 66cm long. The stainless steel spokes only weigh about 12g. Its stylish fenders are built from plastic to keep you safe from mud and water splashes. Its rear cassette has Shimano seven-speed gears. These gears allow you to manage manpower and speed as per need or road conditions.

Technical Specifications

There are more than a dozen reasons to buy DJ City ebike and few of these primary features are below:

Cursing Ability

The cursing ability of the DJ bike is about 40 to 65km. You can ride even more, but it requires your little effort. The more you use peddle assist modes, the more you can ride.

High Speed Bike

The highest speed of this electric bicycle is 32km. As the motor has 65 newton meter torque, so can even ride with more speed.

Excellent Throttle

Its unique throttle can activate even on 0 miles. With the help of this live throttle, you can easily carry your e-bike upstairs. But be careful as your lovely electric bike may betray and run, as the throttle is always live.

Safety Standard

DJ bikes pass all the industrial high-quality and safety standards of the US and Canada. All the parts like motor, charger, battery, frame, meet or exceeds safety standards.

Control Panel

The LCD control center is located on the handlebar. Through this, you can keep an eye on all the essential information about your ride. It will show you info like Assist paddle, current speed, maximum speed, time, distance travel, and battery level.

Comfortable Ride

With a quick release, you can remove the saddle all out for any battery issues. It has a rubber cushion underneath. This shock absorber seat is comfortable on the way.

Tires Quality

This electric bicycle has robust alloy rims and 26 inches city road tires. The black spokes are made from stainless steel and weigh nearly 12g. The full style plastic black fenders will protect you from splashes.

The Conclusion

For night cruising, the bright front and rear headlight will assist you. For your convenience, it also has a rack. You can put your bag, documents, or any other essentials there. Assemble of this electric bicycle is just like a piece of cake. Just having 27kg of weight, this e-bike can bear load up to 125kg. It is suitable for persons of height 5.4 inches to 6.4 inches.

This Canadian brand e-bike offers its treasurable customers with one year of warranty. The warranty applies to all mainstream parts like for frame, motor, brakes, fork, and gears. DJ bikes serve their clients with excellent customer service. The overall specifications and functionality of this e-bike are pretty impressive. It has a downfall on the pricey side.