Eahora XC100 Electric Bike: Reviews, Specs & Price

Eahora XC100 Mountain electric bicycle provides the fastest and longest thrilling ride. For the speedy riders, it’s a sight for sore eyes. It is a masterpiece of its class. While riding on the fastest speed of 28mph, your heart will surely skip a beat. It offers a mileage of 55 miles per full charge. It has a strong and sturdy Aluminum alloy frame. Its frame is strictly tested to ensure quality and stability. Eahora is a professional and reputed company. They are famous for their cost-effective and high-quality e-bikes. This electric bicycle by Eahora is no doubt a masterpiece. By comparing its features to other e-bikes on the market, you will realize that it’s unbeatable. This sophisticated mountain bike will surely win your heart.


The frame is anti-dust and waterproof. Its magnificent 350W electric hub motor takes you everywhere with ease. It has a hidden, high-density Samsung 48V 10.4Ah battery. You can easily remove the battery with the help of a key. The battery took five hours to fully charge. Its Ecosystem can precisely balance between power and energy.

To extend the proficiency and lifetime of battery and motor, it has E-PAS technology. This technology transforms the motor into the generator. So that the motor support in increasing the battery power. You can even enjoy an extraordinary mileage of 60 to 80 miles while gliding downhill. This regenerative technology enables more mileage without consuming energy. This superb electric bike gets access to three riding modes. On electric mode, you can ride about 40 to 50 miles. The pedal assist mode lets you ride about 50 to 55 miles. E-PAS mode gives you a long-lasting mileage of 60 to 80 miles.

This electric mountain bike has CST 26 inches mountain tires. The super robust tires allow you to ride uphill, jungle trails, snow or muddy territories. The front suspension fork filters out the vibrations during a bumpy ride and bestows you with a smooth ride. This suspension fork has aluminum shoulder and legs made up of iron. For an accurate and different speedy ride, this bike has 7-speed shifters. So that you can ride uphill, downhill, flat or uneven paths with ease. The Tektro dual mechanical Disc brakes provide the superb braking force.

Its intelligent water resistance LCD. This display screen informs you about time, speed, mileage, battery level and much more. The stylish handlebar has a soft grip with a shifter, LCD, brake lever, and thumb throttle. The comfy saddle ensures a safe and secure ride. Both the pedals are made from aluminum alloy. The front headlight makes the night riding safe and secure. The overall weight is about 23kg. Without any difficulty, it can carry a load of 110kg. It is best for riders from 5.5’’ to 6.8’’ height.

Technical Specifications

So here are the primary reasons which recommend every biker to buy Eahora XC100 ebike:

Aluminum Frame

This sophisticated electric bike is made from 6061 aluminum alloy. It has ergonomics streamline design. The charming paint scheme along with weld craftsmanship makes it a masterpiece.

Mechanical Disc Brake

This astonishing e-bike has responsive brakes. It is housed with Tektro front and rear mechanical disc brakes. The brake rotors are about 160mm.

Efficient Motor

The motor has 48V 350W power. It gives a maximum torque of 45 N.m. This reinforced precise motor provides a marvelous max speed of about 25mph.

E-PAS Technology

This technology optimizes the effectiveness and lifespan of the motor and battery. It converts the motor into a generator. The motor then helps in charging the battery from 20% to 60%.

Intelligent Control System

The superb smart LCD is waterproof and protected with a password. The overall display is easy to read and understand. This display screen show data about time, power, speed, distance, and PAS (Pedal assist system), etc.

7-Speed Gears

Seven Shimano speed gears with Derailleur guard provides various speed options. The aluminum alloy sprocket and cranks make the transmission system blissful.

Front Suspension

The front suspension results in a smooth and comfy ride. This suspension absorber excellently filters out the shocks caused by bumpy terrains.


Every part of this electric bicycle is carefully selected and tested to ensure high-quality product. It comes 80 percent pre-assembles so that you can save your time and energy. The company provides 24 hours of online support. It has a trendy design with four color options. Every available color is combined with black for an attractive look. It is ideal for almost every type of terrain. This enchanting electric mountain bike is overloaded with all advance features and has an affordable price. Enjoy your utmost freedom because this e-bike is made to push your limits. It is so far the best choice for a pleasant experience.

It has a mind-blowing speed, and distance range. Its Ecosystem, E-PAS technology, matchless speed, and mileage make it superior to its competitors. Each bit and piece is qualified to provide you magnificent riding experience. It may be an expensive one for you, but without any doubt, it worth every dollar. It will be perfect if it has a mobile charging port. But only one deficiency does not reduce its worth. Overall it’s a super stylish, speedy and cost-effective electric bicycle.