Engwe Electric Bike: Reviews, Specs & Price

For a tension-free ride, there no better choice than this e-bike by Engwe. As the owner of your lovely electric bicycle, you are the one who has to be careful. But now no worries. Engwe will take care of your lovely companion. It has a special burglar alarm. This built-in alarm will be triggered when anyone tries to move your e-bike in your absence. So lock your electric bicycle, on the alarm, and enjoy stress-free shopping. Also pick a helmet if you are still unaware of importance of helmet for bikers. For your convenience, it comes almost 80% assembled.


It has 350Watts brushless gear rear hub motor. This powerful motor offers less magnetic resistance and higher torque. The motor made climbing just like a piece of cake. It has a 48V 8Ah lithium-ion battery. The battery will only take 6 hours for a complete charge with its 54V 2A charger. For your safety, you can unlock the battery with the key, take it out and charge. With the combination of motor and battery, you can enjoy a maximum speed of 18mph. You can easily ride it to a maximum distance of 20 miles on the throttle. On paddle mode, you can even cruise to 35miles.

The monitor located on the handlebar will tell you each and every detail about the ride. It displays data about speed, battery level, power levels, and mileage. The front fork is made up of carbon steel and works great for shock absorption. Irrespective of the road conditions, you will get a comfy ride, thanks to the front double suspension. For a better speed control system, it possesses dual brakes. It has a front mechanical brake and a disc brake for the rear wheel. Its 20 inches sturdy tires have a strong ground grip. Its maximum climbing ability is 30 degrees, which allows you to relish mesmerizing climbing.

This sophisticated electric bicycle has three pedal-assist modes. You can ride on full throttle, pedal-assist, and only pedal mode. Choose any of these three modes and have a blissful journey. This e-bike also offers a precious Shimano gearing system. For a wide variety of territories, it features seven gears. So voyage uphill, downhill, village, or flat road of your city. Without any doubt, it can bear a total load of 330LBS weight. Due to its adjustable saddle and handlebar, it is best for 5.2’’ to 6.6’’ persons. The high-quality back rack also supports 150LBS load. For night rides, it provides warning reflector, front headlight and a rear taillight.


Technical Specification

Here are the most prominent reasons for you to buy engwe ebike:

Anti-rust Property

This light-weighted e-bike is made up of aluminum alloy. The painting material is anti-exposure and anti-rust. This folding electric bicycle can serve you for many years.


It has a dual speed control system. The front one is mechanical, while the rare one is disc-brake. Now enjoy the ultimate safety is at your fingertips.

Maximum Speed

With the powerful motor and full charge, you can ride for a maximum speed of 18MPH. For maximum speed, you must have to fully charge the battery.

Long Range Battery

The maximum rage for this electric bike is 20 miles with a full charge. If you want to increase the mileage, do not ride on max speed.

Riding Modes

This stylish e-bike provides you with three riding modes. You can choose any of the riding modes according to your mode. Full throttle, pedal assist, and only pedal are the modes provided for the rider.

Front Suspension

Whatever type of terrain comes your way, no problem at all. It has front suspension which lets you ride smoothly. With maximum traction ride on rough or uneven terrains.

Burglar Alarm

Stay stress-free with this electric bike by ENGWE, as it has a burglar alarm. This alarm will be triggered if someone tries to move it. Just on this built-in alarm whenever you are far away.


Due to its collapsible frame, you can stow it anywhere, everywhere. No matter it’s a car trunk or any narrow space. Its aluminum alloy frame has rust resistance property to ensure marvelous rides in the rain. The painting material is also anti-exposure. It has a sleek body with luminescent white color. This electric bike which will serve you for years. Campers, climbers, nature-loving persons can enjoy eco-friendly rides.

Though it’s a great choice according to price, it does not have any clear instructions to assemble. If your mobile run out of battery, you will miss important calls. Because it does not even have a charging port. Although it is not considered as an expensive one, still there are much better choices. Frequently of electric bikes have better features and less price. But remember nothing is flawless. It’s still a good choice to consider.