Fiido Electric Bike: Reviews, Specs & Price

If you want a stylish yet affordable e-bike, you can count on this Fiido electric bicycle. If you are looking for a commute yet economical e-bike, this electric bike is just for you. What if you are on the go and your mobile runs out of battery? Then feel free to charge your mobile from the USB charging port. Now never miss any important call but always keep in mind safety tips for cyclist. The one year warranty will save you in an emergency situation. Its net weight is about 19kg and can bear a load of 120kg. Its blackish-grey color combination increases its charm. To assure effective safety, it passes the FCC and CE verified certificates.


This ebike provides power of a 250 Watts brushless motor. Its 36V 7.8Ah li-ion battery lets you glide around the town. For a full charge, the battery only takes 4 to 5 hours. No need to remove the battery every time it requires charging. As compares to its price, it offers a pretty good distance range and top speed. With the top speed of 15.6mph cruise up to 21miles. The speed limit and distance range can also depend on your weight, cycling mode, and battery level.

This electric bicycle enables you to choose any cycling mode according to your preference. Pick the purely electric mode and reach your destination without sweating. You can also select the electric assist mode. With this mode, you will cover more distance with a little effort. If you are in a mood of exercising, the pick the final mode that is the pedal-mode. It comes with a waterproof frame and LCD. It supports IP54 and IP65 waterproof property. The frame also owns rustproof functionality. Now do not hesitate to ride in the rain. Water splashing will no more harm your lovely companion.

No worries if you come across an uneven path because it has rear suspension. The rear shock absorption spring will assist you in any type of way. Advance dual disc brakes housed in it, ensure your maximum safety. It has dual tires of 16 inches. These tires are made from quality rubber and have anti-slip texture thus ensure a stable ride. It has a large chain of 52 teeth and a flywheel of 12 teeth. The LCD will only display battery levels. To know all the essential details about your trip, connect your smartphone and get notified.

Technical Specifications

So here are the major reasons to buy the Fiido ebike:

Folding Frame

This E-Bike has lightweight and folds without any difficulty. It has a foldable frame, pedals, and handlebar. So fold your traveling companion and stow it in any small spaces.

Dual Disc Brake

This electric bicycle enables you to ride safely and stable. The advanced technology of dual Disc brakes is embedded in it. Both the front and back wheels are equipped with the Disc brakes.

Fast Speed

It has pretty good speed. The maximum speed limit for this e-bike is 15.6MPH (miles per hour) or 25km/h. With this maximum speed, you can cover a distance of 20 to 35km.

Adjustable Seat

A bike with an unbalance seat may affect your body posture and cause backache. For the optimal riding balance, it has an adjustable seat. So, adjust your seat as per your height and comfort.


This Fildo electric cycle is waterproof. This functionality applies to both LED display and the frame. The splashing of water from any direction can’t harm your bike at all. Now enjoy your ride as you like.

Adjustable Handlebars

This sophisticated bike gives you full control of the handlebar at a glance. You can adjust the height of the handlebar as per preference. Moreover, you can also adjust its direction.

Premium Tires

It has 16 inches tires. They are made up of quality rubber. Both of them are large enough to bestow you with a comfy ride.


For a healthy ride, you must pay attention to your posture. Bad posture causes numerous health issues. The position of the saddle and handlebar plays an important role in the posture. Keeping your health in mind, it provides you the opportunity to adjust the saddle as per need. You can extend the saddle tube up to 30cm. You can also set the handlebar’s height and direction as per your preference. The handlebar can be extended to 15cm. Enjoy the safest ride in the night due to its front headlight.

Due to its foldable frame, you can put it into your car and ride faraway places. It has a three-fold design. Its foldable frame, pedals and handlebar results in a smaller e-bike, which is extremely easy to store. Put it under a desk, on a bus or in your car without any difficulty. When you want to ride, unfold, turn on the power and you are ready to go. Generally, it’s a good competing electric bike by considering the price factor. Comparing all the pros and cons, it’s still a good choice for you as a moderate yet economical e-bike. Also see other top rated electric bicycles that are best selling.