Hotebike Electric Bike: Specs, Reviews & Shop Price

If you are obsessed with style, then HoteBike is best for you. Apart from positive reviews, this electric bike has many more impressive features. From top to the bottom, this e-bike has striking abilities to make you fall in love with it. It possesses a high quality 36V 350W motor. This geared brushless hub motor is highly efficient and delivers the best acceleration. It makes such a low noise less than 60db. The other main important part of the electronic system is the battery.This e-bike has a hidden 36V 10Ah battery. You can easily remove the battery due to quick release. It only took four hours to charge. The battery hides in the oblique bar in the frame.

On a full-throttle, you can enjoy a stirring ride of a maximum of 20mph. It also gives access to five different electric modes. If you want to arrive fast and sweat-free, then use the full-electric mode. When you feel energetic, you can use any of the paddle assist modes according to need. With these various riding modes, you can ride for a maximum of 30 to 50 miles. Though the battery is waterproof and lockable, its hidden feature makes it more protective.

Features & Overview

Whatever type of terrain comes across the way, the premium 21 gears make the ride effortless. This gear system minimizes the pressure on your legs. Now enjoy an effortless hill-climbing with this incredible electric bicycle. The front fork has impressive suspension to ensure a comfy ride. This sophisticated electric bike has a stylish sport seat. You can change the height according to desire. The Multifunctional LCD shows all the vital information. You can see the temperature, pedal level, top speed, covered distance, battery capacity and motor power on the LCD.

Tires play an important role in any bicycle. This mountain bike has durable 26 inches tires. The tires hold anti-slip property. The rims are made from aluminum alloy. Both the front and back wheels have 160 disc brakes. These brakes have reliable stopping power. Its aluminum alloy pedals are strong and reliable. For mobile charging, it also has a 5V 1A charging port. So that you never miss any important message or call. This e-bike is manufactured from aluminum alloy. The frame is light weighted, stiff, and long-lasting. It is fully black, so it suits black lovers. This electric bike just has 21kg weight and can easily carry a rider of 150kg. To ride this electric bike, the rider must have a height of over 180cm.

Technical Specifications

There are many primary reasons that proves hotebike a perfect ebike. See those specs below.

Multi Function Handlebar

The handlebar of this mountain e-bike is loaded with various features. It has thumb throttle, gear shifter, display panel, brake lever, horn, and electronic system. Now all of the control is on your fingertips.

Hidden Battery

This e-bike has the most protected system. The 36V battery is hidden in the frame. The battery has a long life and waterproof property.

Advance Gear System

For remarkable hill-climbing, this electric bike possesses 21-speed gears. This gear system has great terrain adaptability. Whether it’s flat, uneven, uphill, or downhill, you can ride effortlessly.

Vigorous Tires

The 26 inches tires have advance anti-slippery and wear resistance property. These black tires are strong enough to run on any type of road conditions.

Display Panel

The exclusive display panel of this e-bike has a lot to show. With this LCD, you can keep an eye on distance, temperature, motor power, speed, battery level, and motor power.

USB Charging Port

Frequently, we forget to charge your mobile in a hurry and miss important calls. This electric bicycle by Hote-bike has a 5V 1A USB charging port for your facility.

Lightweight ebike

This robust e-bike has only 46lbs of weight. Regardless of such a tiny weight, it can bear 300lbs without any trouble.

The Conclusion

Now you have all the vital control on your fingertips. The handlebar has a soft-grip hand and modern appearance. On the right hand, you can get access to brake levers, thumb throttle, and gear shifter. In the middle of the handlebar, here lies the LCD. On the left side, you have options like speed gear shifter, horn, and electric system control. Buy this electric bike with confidence, as the manufacturers offer a one-year warranty for motor, battery, and controller. It comes approximately assemble. The only parts you need to assemble are the front wheel, handlebar, front fork, pedals, and saddle. So there is no need to hire a professional and waste extra money. You can do the rest of the assembling by yourself. For a safe night journey, it has a bright front headlight.

For mountain lovers, it’s a good choice to consider. But if you are looking for a commuter bicycle, then this might be a waste of money. There are better options if you just want an electric bike having only essential features. For a beginner, all the advance feathers of this e-bike may be difficult to handle. According to the features, it deserves the price. It has all the attractive features. This e-bike by HoteBike also has numerous features that are enough to make it your dream bike.