Nakto Electric Bike: Reviews, Specs & Price

For an electrifying ride, there is no better choice than Nakto electric bike. It is the best electric bicycle for commuters of every age and gender. It has a unique feature that is a luggage basket. It is equipped with waterproof connectors and wiring harness. This camel bike has a swoopy frame. It is specially designed for people suffering from back or knee pain. It is also valuable for passionate riders of above 40 years. This e-bike is manufactured from streamlined carbon steel. The frame is rust-proof. So that you can enjoy a refreshing ride in the rain. So if you want a reliable electric cargo bicycle, this is a match made in heaven for you.

A 36V 250Watts brushless motor is housed in this e-bike. This superb rear hub motor is anti-skid and quiet. It has a 36V 10Ah li-ion smart battery. For a complete charge, the battery only takes four to six hours. This portable battery is effortless to remove. The battery is positioned under the seat. You just have to bend the saddle in the forward direction to remove the battery. It also comes with a 2.0A DC smart charger. The charger is overload protected with CE, UL, CPSC certifications. Travel to a distance of 25 miles with a maximum speed of 20 mph.

Detailed Overview

This electric bike is armed with V-Drum hybrid brakes. The front-wheel has V brake and the rear one has a dumb brake. Rather than an LCD, it has a battery indicator that will show the current battery position. Without a glitch, its six mechanical gears will satisfy your speed requirements. You can change the gears from the right thumb level on the handlebar as per preference. There is Shimano six-speed derailleur on the rear gear to assist mechanical gears. The cantilever suspension fork is outstanding in its shock-absorbing ability.

This front fork results in a smooth comfy trip by cutting bumps. The 26 inches tires possess anti-slip property. It also facilitates its riders with three pedal-assist modes. Activate the pedal-assist just by touching the toggle button placed on the handlebar. If you are sick or tired from a busy day, let the pure electric mode assist you. For a normal mode enjoy the second pedal-assist mode which combines both electric and manpower. Feeling energetic and want to exercise the switch to pure pedal mode.

It also has a cushiony seat. For extra comfort, there are spring under the seat. You can adjust the seat’s height up to 20cm according to your will. For safety night trips, it offers high-intensity front headlight and reflective taillight. It comes 95% pre-installed before shipping. You only have to install a few parts with the given toolkit. Carry your essential in the front basket o on the back rack. This graceful basket looks adorable. This gorgeous basket is constructed from plastic. It also has a cover to keep your lunch and other belongings safe.

Technical Specifications

The review covers the main factors as the pros to buy Nakto bicycyle.

Steel Frame

This unisex e-bike is constructed from streamline carbon steel. The frame has a rust-proof coating. Because of its swoopy frame, it is known as a camel bike.

Front Fork

The cantilever front fork has an outstanding shock-absorbing capacity. Due to the front fork, you can enjoy an exciting smooth ride.

Hybrid Brake

This motorized bicycle has V-Drum brakes. The front wheel is equipped with V brake while the back wheel has a dumb brake. Which is about 100mm wide.

Detachable Battery

The 36V 10AH lithium battery takes 4 to 6 hours for complete charging. This battery also comes with a smart charger. To remove the battery, bend the saddle forward.

Mechanical Gears

One the right handle you have a thumb level for exchanging the gears as per desire. On the back, there is a Shimano six-speed derailleur related to mechanical gears.

Luggage Rack

The elegant luggage rack is placed upon the front wheel. This little basket is made up of plastic and has a cover. Now you can take your lunch, fruits or anything in the luggage rack with ease.

Massive Weight Capacity

The recommended weight for this camel shaped electric bike is 250 pounds. Whether it’s a male or female rider, both can enjoy tooling around the town.


Its LCD only shows the battery level. The braking system is reversed in it. Which means you have to apply the front brake from the right side, and rear brake from the left side. So if you always ride traditional bicycles, this will be a little problematic for you. So if you are not confident enough to handle this tricky braking system, then do not buy this e-bike.

A male or female rider of 5.4’’ to 6.2’’ can ride this step-through electric bicycle without any difficulty. Nakto also offers one year of warranty for its precious customers. You can claim the warranty for main components like motor, battery, throttle, controller, and PAS system. It is a pretty electric bicycle with all the necessary features. The full package also contains a tool kit, user manual, and a warranty card. So enjoy an exciting trip around the town with this camel bike.