NCM Electric Bike: Reviews, Specs & Price

If mountain riding excites you then you can count on NCM Moscow electric bicycle. Its super stylish design will give you goosebumps. NMC is founded in 2014. It is a larges e-bike brand in Europe. Their e-bikes are of high-quality and embedded with innovative technologies. It gives roadies freedom to voyage to places where dreams born. Das-KIT 500Watts powerful motor is housed in this electric bike. This rear hub motor has an incredible torque of 55Nm. This superpower motor lasts longer and let you relish an exciting trip.

It also comes equipped with a 48V 13Ah lithium-ion battery. The battery is detachable. You can remove it for easy charging with its 48V 2A charger. It has built-in 5V USB port for quick mobile charging on the go. Now keep in touch with your friends and family and notifying them about your exciting journey.


Detailed Overview

This e-bike is ready to give you a maximum speed of 20mph. Without much effort, you can travel a maximum of 25 to 50 miles on this electric bicycle. The mileage is not exact due to its dependence on different factors. On a full-throttle, you will cover less as compare to pedal-assist modes. Six pedal-assist levels let you balance between your energy and motor power. Easily change the levels with LCD. The throttle control is specially designed to reach from the thumb.

Keep an eye on every important detail about your ride through LCD. It is fun to control and have unbeatable stability. This intelligent display screen notifies you about speed, battery level, trip distance, and trip duration. It possesses a strong braking system. For both front a back wheel, it has Mechanical Tektro Disc brakes. The mechanical brakes are easy to serve, as it doesn’t need wallet bleed. The Suntour XCT suspension forks will absorb every bump and ensure a smooth ride.

The 21 Shimano speed gears give the rider independence to choose any speed. The sporty handlebar provides a comfy sitting posture. NCM especially design saddle is perfect for a cozy ride. You can adjust the saddle height as per your preference. The Wellgo Flat pedals have a slip-free grip. It has a maximum load capacity of 125kg. A rider of height 160cm to 192 can ride this e-bike with ease. To ensure high-quality every e-bike by NCM is functionally tested at the factory level.

Technical Specifications

So we have got the best within NCM ebike which makes this bicycle a wondeful and decent choice to buy.

Multi Support Levels

Six supportive pedal levels are available for your ease. You can change the levels from the left side of the LCD. Set the desired level and enjoy a refreshing ride.

Longest Distance Range

You can cover from 25 to 50 miles distance on your NCM Moscow e-bike. The total distance depends on the battery charging, pedal support level, and speed.

Advance LCD

Get all the important information at a glance on the high-contrast LCD. The display screen is sturdy and user-friendly. It helps you get notified about mileage, speed, battery level, and duration.

Massive Motor

The Das-KIT 500W powerful motor comes with this stylish e-bike. The output torque of the motor is 55Nm. This monster motor lasts longer yet provides you long-lasting journey.

Long Battery

This electric cycle is equipped with a detachable 48V 13Ah battery. This 624wh lithium-ion battery powers all the six supporting levels of the pedal. You can charge the battery anywhere without any trouble.

Quality Wheelset

Both the wheels are made from rubber. They are strong enough to give you a smooth ride on any type of terrain. You can even travel unto the mountain with this incredible mountain bike.


NCM Moscow provides their rides with two years of warranty for the frame. For electronic parts like battery, motor, and others, it offers one year of warranty.


This e-bike has robust tires. They are made from reliable rubber. These tires have maximum strength to tackle every type of terrain. Whether it’s a mountain or an uneven path, you will get a smooth ride. It comes pre-assembled for your ease. Rest of the assemble only takes less than 30 mints. All the required tools for assembly are included. It is constructed with aluminum material which is light in weight and waterproof. The frame has resistance against extreme weather conditions. Its white and blue color combination so appealing.

This adorable e-bike also facilitates you with two years of warranty for the frame. It also offers one year of warranty for electronic parts like battery & motor etc. If you are above 6.2 feet or below 5 feet, then this electric bicycle is not for you. You can also do the rest of assembling but it is recommended by the company to hire a professional. According to them, assemble and inspection of parts would take about 40 to 90 minutes. Overall, it’s a good choice for mountain riders, commuters, and enthusiastic weekend warriors.