Swagtron SwagCycle Pro Electric Bike Reviews

Do you think a little budget can keep you away from your dreams? No, it’s not like that, you can enjoy a smooth ride because this is an electric bike by SwagCycle Pro is economical. It offers you 15 miles driving distance and a top speed of 18 miles per hour. Remember that your weight and battery level may decrease the max speed and traveling distance.

This super light-weighted electric bicycle can accommodate a passenger of 264pounds weight. The best thing about this e-bike is that is collapsible. Though it only has 30lbs weight and small size, you have still an opportunity to make it even smaller. You can fold its stem and handlebar without any trouble. Now store it within your car or any narrow space. At the same time, it has a stylish design and cute looks.

Detailed Overview

No need to consume any power, as this e-bike doesn’t have any pedals. Now you can sit back and enjoy a sweat-free ride, the throttle will do the rest. You can put your feet on the steel pegs on the front tire. Simply use the throttle and your bike will take you to desired places. It is equipped with a 350W motor and 37V 4.4Ah battery. The battery took only 3 to 4 hours to charge. As we know that carrying the bulky charging cable is hectic. But with this electric bike, you have a charging compartment. You can save the charging cables in this compartment.

Whenever you want to charge, open the compartment and plug the cable. This cute bike also has a built-in charging port. So that you can charge your mobile on the go and never miss any important call. You can also connect your motorized bicycle with the app via Bluetooth. Now you can keep an eye on your battery level, traveling distance, speed and much more. You can also track your location with the app. It has sturdy air-filled tires. It has 12 inches front and 10 inches rear tire. Both the wheels are made from rubber and are capable to deliver a comfy ride.

Both of the tires have shock absorbency, so you can enjoy a super smooth ride. It offers a climb angle of 12 degrees. For your safety, it possesses dual disc brakes. So ride confidently and experience a powerful stopping strength on your fingertips. The front bright light lets you see and be seen. This powerful LED assists you to navigate in the dark. This powerful headlight helps you to see your soundings and let others know about your presence. So that you can enjoy a safe and cozy ride without any trouble.

Technical Specification

Here are the primary features of swagtron SwagCycle Pro that proves it is worth buying:

Collapsible Body

Though it is a tiny e-bike still you can fold it with ease. Its collapsible neck lets you fold the stem with the handlebar. Now you are ready to store it anywhere.

Max Riding Speed

With this electric bicycle, you can enjoy the maximum speed of 18mph. Enjoy your ride with an amazing speed at such an affordable price.

Max Distance

With the help of the battery, this e-bike can transverse for a distance of 15 miles. Keep it in mind that your weight and battery level can decrease the distance.

Effortless Charging

This e-bike makes charging effortless for you. Now no need to carry bulky cables with you. You can keep all the charging cables in the hidden charging compartment. When you need to charge, just put the cable out and plug it.

Pedal Free Bike

Save your energy and ride sweat free riding with this electric bike. It does not have any pedals. You can keep your feet on the steel pegs with the front tires.

Climbing Power

With the powerful zero-emission motor, you can get a 12-degree climbing ability. Now regrading of the track, have a stylish ride.

App Connectivity

This tiny electric bike lets you connect your SwagCycle with the app. You can keep an eye on your distance, speed, and GPS location with the app. You can also adjust the gear speed with this app


With all the fancy features, SwagCycle Pro may be the best choice for you. But there are few downsides about this electric bike. It’s not recommended for persons will tall body. As it doesn’t have an adjustable seat and handlebar. Although it’s affordable, stylish, it misses the mark in winning its rider’s hearts. Consider what will happen if your battery suddenly goes out of the charge? How will you reach your destination? As it does not offers and pedals for manual cycling. Finally, we can say that it’s a good choice with some give and take.